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Designs Inspired by Romero Britto

Stu­dent work inspired by Romero Britto I first dis­cov­ered the col­or­ful art of artist Romero Britto at a San Fran­cisco air­port gift shop/gallery.  Britto is a young (well, he seems young to me any­way!) self-taught artist from Brazil who has been for­tu­nate to enjoy great suc­cess in his life­time.  I knew my stu­dents would be […]

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Keith Haring “Action Figures”

I found my inspi­ra­tion for this les­son at Deep Space Sparkle.  It’s the end of the school year, and while this project looks fan­tas­tic on reg­u­lar white paper, I needed to go a step fur­ther to really grab my 6th graders’ atten­tion!  So, I cre­ated my sam­ple on alu­minum foil with col­or­ful Sharpies.  The result.… […]

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Memorial Day Flag Designs

Here’s a great les­son for Memo­r­ial Day… I did this with my 1st graders, but any age could have fun with it.  Easy to prep, no clean up, every­one was suc­cess­ful, and the kids LOVED it… you can’t beat that! Mate­ri­als: 9x12 white paper Black “F” Sharpie Red and blue mark­ers Direc­tions:1. Dis­cuss the Amer­i­can flag and […]

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Compass Mandalas

The word “man­dala” comes from the San­skrit word mean­ing “cir­cle” and has it’s roots in Hindu and Bud­dhist tra­di­tions.  We know man­dalas as cir­cu­lar designs with radial sym­me­try and repeat­ing pat­terns.  Man­dalas can be found today in a vari­ety of cul­tures as well as in nature. (Ask stu­dents where they have seen cir­cles, or patterns […]

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Designs with Number Patterns

This les­son is adapted from a math activ­ity my own kids did in mid­dle school, where they used col­ored string to “stitch” their pat­terns on card stock.  I sim­pli­fied this les­son for my stu­dents (4th grade and up), replac­ing the nee­dle and thread with mark­ers and a ruler.…  Have you ever mar­veled at the fascinating […]

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Stained Glass Name Designs

This is a sim­ple project, and a great intro­duc­tion to the con­cept of pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive space for younger kids. Any project using their names is typ­i­cally a guar­an­teed hit!! Mate­ri­als: White paper, any size Pen­cil and eraser Black chisel tip mark­ers Water-based mark­ers in a vari­ety of col­ors Vocab­u­lary:Pos­i­tive Space — the object or objects you […]

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Faux” Mexican Bark “Paintings”

These Mex­i­can Bark “Paint­ings” by my 5th graders got more “wows” than any other project at our recent school art show. By using mark­ers instead of paint, we saved time in both prep and clean-up, as well as the extra step of touch­ing up with black Sharpie after paint­ing. And the marker on the brown […]

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