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Designs Inspired by Romero Britto

Student work inspired by Romero Britto I first discovered the colorful art of artist Romero Britto at a San Francisco airport gift shop/gallery.  Britto is a young (well, he seems young to me anyway!) self-taught artist from Brazil who has been fortunate to enjoy great success in his lifetime.  I knew my students would be […]

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Keith Haring “Action Figures”

I found my inspiration for this lesson at Deep Space Sparkle.  It’s the end of the school year, and while this project looks fantastic on regular white paper, I needed to go a step further to really grab my 6th graders’ attention!  So, I created my sample on aluminum foil with colorful Sharpies.  The result…. […]

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Memorial Day Flag Designs

Here’s a great lesson for Memorial Day… I did this with my 1st graders, but any age could have fun with it.  Easy to prep, no clean up, everyone was successful, and the kids LOVED it… you can’t beat that! Materials: 9×12 white paper Black “F” Sharpie Red and blue markers Directions:1. Discuss the American […]

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Compass Mandalas

The word “mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “circle” and has it’s roots in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  We know mandalas as circular designs with radial symmetry and repeating patterns.  Mandalas can be found today in a variety of cultures as well as in nature. (Ask students where they have seen circles, or patterns […]

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Designs with Number Patterns

This lesson is adapted from a math activity my own kids did in middle school, where they used colored string to “stitch” their patterns on card stock.  I simplified this lesson for my students (4th grade and up), replacing the needle and thread with markers and a ruler….  Have you ever marveled at the fascinating […]

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Stained Glass Name Designs

This is a simple project, and a great introduction to the concept of positive and negative space for younger kids. Any project using their names is typically a guaranteed hit!! Materials: White paper, any size Pencil and eraser Black chisel tip markers Water-based markers in a variety of colors Vocabulary:Positive Space – the object or […]

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“Faux” Mexican Bark “Paintings”

These Mexican Bark “Paintings” by my 5th graders got more “wows” than any other project at our recent school art show. By using markers instead of paint, we saved time in both prep and clean-up, as well as the extra step of touching up with black Sharpie after painting. And the marker on the brown […]

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