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Happy Easter – “Stained Glass” Cross

This is a project I do every year with my Kinders for Easter. It requires a bit more prep than usual, but it’s a great way to reinforce the concept of symmetry…. plus they look beautiful hanging in the windows!

1. Fold a piece of 12×18 black construction paper in half vertically (lengthwise).
2. Make a template for half of the cross shape and use a pencil to trace it onto the black paper, along the fold. (You can create a simple template by placing 2 rectangles (4×5 and 4×9) over the loose edges of your folded paper, then trace around them to mark the areas to cut away.
3. With your paper still folded, cut on the pencil lines to create your symmetrical cross shape.
4. Then, open your paper and fold it horizontally…. not in half, but so the fold runs through the center of the “arms” of the cross.
5. Now, with the “arms” still folded, cut a shape into each arm.
6. Open up your paper and fold it in half
again vertically. Cut some shapes into this vertical fold.
7. Unfold your paper and use a glue stick to run a line of glue around each of the symmetrical shapes you just cut. (If some of your pencil lines are showing, put the glue on that side so it will become the “back”.)
8. Place pieces of colorful tissue paper over each opening.
9. Finally, trim away any extra tissue that hangs over the edges of your cross.
10. Hang in a window to let the light shine through!

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  1. Thank You so much for the idea of Stained Glass Crosses! I am a trainee teacher and was struggled for some Easter themed Art … this is great! Thanks