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The Creative Gift for All Ages

photo of a young girl doing a paint by numberWelcome to part two of my Guide to Creative Gift Giving! In this series, I’m sharing some not-so-obvious gift ideas that encourage creativity and develop habits and skills for success in art.

I’ve loved art ever since I was a kid. Experiencing some early success with art helped to give me the enjoyment and confidence I needed to keep pursuing it to this day.

One of those successes came by way of a paint by number kit that my parents gave me when I was about 10 years old.

At the time, I remember thinking that the tiny random shapes made no sense at all, but when I stepped back from it, it was magical. All the shapes and colors worked together to create a picture that I couldn’t believe I had painted myself!

The benefits of “paint by number”

The early success that encourages creativity in kids is reason alone to become a fan of paint by number. But this is only the beginning of the advantages you’ll find!

All ages and skill levels can enjoy painting by number. Both kids and adults will see their patience and concentration grow along with their ability to focus for longer periods. Attention to detail and eye/hand coordination will also increase.

Painting by number helps you slow down, relax, and de-stress. While working on a paint by number project, you can easily get lost in the moment! It’s engaging as a solo activity, but can also be fun as a family or group activity, with each person working on their own painting. And another big plus – there’s no screen time involved!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a paint by number kit is the way it makes painting accessible for anyone. When learning to paint, it can often take longer than you want for your skill level to reach a point you feel good about. It can take courage to keep going when you get discouraged! But with paint by number, anyone willing to give it a try can experience success and enjoy the process.

Where to find the BEST paint by number kit

If you’re looking for a gift idea for a child who enjoys being creative, or an adult who’s always wanted to try their hand at art, you almost can’t go wrong with a paint by number kit. But beware – all paint by number kits are not created equal! Some can honestly look really tacky. But you won’t have that problem with Paint The Town By Numbers.

I first discovered Paint The Town By Numbers on Instagram, which led me straight to their Etsy shop. Camilla Spadafino, an Art teacher in Nashville, Tennesee, is the founder of Paint The Town By Numbers. As an art teacher, she has an eye for design and a great color sense. Her tasteful paint by number designs are truly quality products and in a class by themselves. I’ve ordered a few of her kits for gifts, but I couldn’t resist getting one to paint myself, just for fun!

Why you’ll love “Paint the Town by Numbers”

The kits from Paint the Town by Numbers have a nostalgic feel, but with a contemporary twist. Combining modern imagery with mid-century vintage design, these kits are charming, unique, colorful, and fun. The subjects range from portraits (like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, and Mr. Rogers) to monuments (the Statue of Liberty) to landscapes (Volcano!), and more.

Paint the Town by Numbers kits come with a brush and individual acrylic paint pots (no mixing required!) with fun color names that relate to the subject of the picture. At only $22 per kit, they’re also collectible. With their mission of bringing the joy of painting to as many people as possible, I can’t recommend them highly enough. You just might find the perfect gift for several people on your list!

**This just in!! Paint the Town By Numbers just released their newest kit… Punch out and paint Christmas Ornaments! How cool is that??!

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