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How to Make Colorful Textured Paper

It’s easy and FUN to make this colorful textured paper! We made lots of it in a recent teacher workshop I taught.

To make this amazing-looking paper, all you need is a small piece of plastic (an expired credit card or gift card works well) with notches cut into one side of it, and some tempera paint. Pour some of two different primary colors (red, yellow, or turquoise) onto a paper plate and mix them as you paint a 9×12 piece of construction paper. While the paint is still wet, drag the notched edge of your plastic card across the paper. The resulting textured paper is perfect for collage or covers for handmade books. Stay tuned to see what we used ours for!!

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  1. I had never thought of using an old gift card as a tool! Thanks for the inspiration! I will definitely put it to use the next time we make handmade paper.